User limitation to change monitors
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User limitation to change monitors


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


I got access to the parent user of this ASM tenant and was able to update the monitors, but still cannot update monitors as a usual user with full access to the monitor folder even when "Warn me" field has the same value as defined in contact group ( "After 2 consecutive errors")


Users with full access to the monitor folder should be able to update monitors.  The "Warn me" field should have the "Defined in selected group" value selected, or Alerting section should be hidden completely if the user does not have access to the contact group


Error on invalid value in "Warn me" field is shown on save operation, user does not have any way to update monitor (any field in the monitor, not related to alerting)
This functionality was available earlier, we were able to update monitors, so this is a regression in the ASM product that was introduced recently, and needs to be fixed.
By security reasons, we cannot grant parent access to users that should work on monitors in some specific monitor folder.



Release : 23.1


Since ASM resources in the UI are managed by folders, then by not having any folder with contacts, the UI wouldn't show any option of assigning permissions to the contacts.

I understand it's confusing, giving "full access" to the monitor folder and then still having to bother with contacts but the monitor and contact are coupled together and each of them can have different permissions.


I want to give user full access to the monitor folder but I don't want to let them change the contacts - phone numbers, emails etc. Then giving full access to the monitor folders and read-only access to the contact folders solves my problem. 

Or not giving access to the contacts at all means user A will be able to edit anything about the monitor BUT the contact which is what happened here, perhaps by accident or misunderstanding.

Or I want to give user B full access to monitors in folder X but I only want them to be able to assign contacts from a certain folder - then full access on monitor folder and read-only access on that respective contacts folder is the way to go.


Additional Information

We advise organizing contacts into folders, then you will be manage the permissions of the contacts.