Search Harvest Projects for Keywords
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Search Harvest Projects for Keywords


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We are looking for a way to search all of our Harvest projects for a keyword

How do we accomplish this?


Release : 14.0 and up


The "hsv" command line utility can be used to search a specific project and state for a specific keyword.  Here is where you can read more about this command: hsv Command-Select Version

The limitation of the command is that it can search only one project and state for only one keyword.  If you want to search a list of different projects for a keyword or list of keywords, the solution is to build a Windows batch script that can read a list of projects and keywords, and use the hsv command for each combination of a project, state and keyword.

Attached is an example of what this type of script might look like. 

It is offered as-is, and Broadcom Support cannot provide customizations or support beyond basic questions and answers about how to use it. 

The user is free to use this idea as a starting point and customize to make it work for their particular set of requirements.

This script is experimental Broadcom is not responsible for the results of the script.

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