16.1.2 CMO Custom Objects and CIT Custom Investments Workspace Tiles Do Not Appear
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16.1.2 CMO Custom Objects and CIT Custom Investments Workspace Tiles Do Not Appear


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SUMMARY: Workspace Custom Objects page is incomplete for users after grouping updates are made.
Custom Investments are also affected.

The Administrator makes changes to the Custom Objects Workspace to rearrange the Tiles. After the configuration is complete, a non-administrator user logs in and when they visit the page for the first time after the update, the user is not able to see some of the tiles for which they have access. 

It appears that perhaps they can only see tiles that are NOT moved into a section group.  Navigating away and back to the workspace page now reveals the proper tiles for the end-user.

Steps To Reproduce:

Log in as the administrative account. 
Navigate to the Custom Objects Workspace - Tiles page 
Create several Tile Section groups 
Move the existing Custom Objects to the new groups (do not leave any Custom Objects unassigned) 
Login as test user and navigate to the CMO workspace.

Login as test user. The Custom Objects page displays improperly.
Even after logging in, a test user has to perform the intermediate step of going to another workspace before going to the Custom Objects workspace
in order to view the proper grouping set by an administrator.

The Custom Objects page should display the Custom objects that the user has access to (along with their respective groups).


Release : 16.1.2


This is reported as DE70972 and is resolved in 16.2.0