Project / Tasks / Sub-project filtering not working
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Project / Tasks / Sub-project filtering not working


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The filters behavior on  MUX / Projects / Tasks changes in MUX when a subproject is added to a project.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Login as any user (eg admin)

2. Navigate to MUX / Projects / Project / Tasks / Timeline view

3. Add Filter, and choose 'Sub-project'

4. Optionally add other filters, such as Milestone=No, Task=Yes, SummaryTask=No

5. Select 'No' for the 'Sub-project' filter, and apply

Expected Results: The filter should be consider based on the value selected by the user and it should filter the view accordingly.

Actual Results: Irrespective of filter value, it is disregarded and when a subproject is added to a project the Is Subproject = Yes is applied implicitly.


Release : 16.1.2

Component: Clarity MUX Views


When a subproject is added to existing project, the filter value Is Subproject=Yes is always passed implicitly.


Workaround: At current there is no workaround

The issue is identified and is tracked under DE70934 and in review by engineering.

Additional Information

Please refer this KB which will be updated as per engineering analysis/findings.