Salesforce restore not working
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Salesforce restore not working


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CASB restore function does not appear to work in Salesforce.

On the Incident in DLP Enforce it says that the file was restored but user is unable to see the file in it's original location. 


Based on the ownership of this document in Salesforce, the document was originally owned by user with Username - "example@[companyname].com.ent" and with email - "<username>@[companyname].com" and was restored back to the same Username - "example@[companyname].com.ent"

However, we see that for the same Email": "<username>@[companyname].com" there are two user entries with the following user names

  • "example@[companyname].com.ent"
  • "<username>@[companyname].com.ent"

Please verify that the user is logged in with the correct Username when the user is looking for the restored file in Salesforce. 

Please ask the user to login with both usernames and check for the restored file.