GLVSHAREDFILE used all extents
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GLVSHAREDFILE used all extents


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


My GLVSHAREDFILE is at 123 extents.  I suspect that I can just create a larger file, REPRO the contents, and dynamically change the GLVSHAREDFILE variable in 4.1.1 to point to the new data set.  Then, update OPSSPA00 accordingly.

Is this correct or do I need to do something else?


Release : 14.0


The GLVSHAREDFILE is out of space 


If emergency maintenance or a reorgnization of the real VSAM file is necessitated, change the value of the GLVSHAREDFILE parameter to NULLFILE or DUMMY.  Then use the OPSHFI command processor to issue a dummy file request.  Doing this de-allocates the VSAM file so that the repair/reorganization of it can be completed.  When the file is ready to use again, reset the GLVSHAREDFILE parameter to the name of the VSAM file.

Another method can be to allocate a new file, and then repro to it, as mentioned above.   The only thing to make sure of is that the OPSSPA00 member is changed to reflect the new name on every system that uses the file.  It can also be changed via the =4.1.1 Parameters screen on each system.