Generating and understanding the VIP Manager USER DETAIL report data
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Generating and understanding the VIP Manager USER DETAIL report data


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VIP Service


Export USER data from VIP Manager by logging into VIP Manager, clicking the USERS tab, then selecting the option to export. 

Select the data format:

  • User Details: List of users with full details of all credentials associated with each user. One row per credential.
  • User Summary: List of users with counts of credential types associated with each user. One row per user.


(Note: VIP Manager exports all data in the timezone of the current administrator. An administrator can change their timezone by clicking their username, then Manage Profile.)

The User Details report contains the following headings:

  • User ID: The user ID of a VIP user
  • User State: Current status of the user (enabled, disabled, locked). Users become 'locked' when a VIP policy has been violated. 'Disabled' is set manually by a VIP administrator or a web service call.  
  • Last Validated: Timestamp of the last successful user validation. A blank value indicates the user ID has never been validated in VIP. The value does not change when credentials are added or removed from the user. This value will increment for users validating with a temp. security code. 
  • Groups: The VIP Manager User Group(s) the user is a member of. A blank value indicates the user is not a member of a User Group. (View user groups under Account > User Groups.)  
  • Temporary Security Code Expires: Timestamp of when the temporary security code expires. A blank value indicates no active temporary codes are assigned to the user. 
  • Credential ID: VIP Credential ID assigned to the user. Users with multiple credential IDs will show on multiple lines. If the credential is shared, the same Credential ID will be shown for each shared user. A blank value indicates a credential ID is not assigned to that user. 
  • Credential Type: Identifies the credential type. 
  • Credential State: The credential state of the VIP credential.
  • Credential Name: The friendly name used to identify the credential.
  • VIP Access Push: Identifies the credential as being PUSH-capable. 
  • Credential Registered: Timestamp of when the credential was registered to the user.
  • OS: Identifies the operating system of the mobile VIP credential. 
  • Browser: Identifies the browser of Trusted Device credentials. (note: Trusted Device will soon be deprecated from VIP Manager) 
  • Credential Last Validated: Timestamp the last validation attempt using that credential ID. For auditing reasons, this value will increment for successful and failed transactions. 
  • Credential Binding State: Identifies the credential as being bound to this VIP account. (This value is blank for VIP soft tokens, and hard tokens bound to another VIP account). 
  • Client Version: Identifies the version of the VIP Access software.