Configure Spectrum WebApp Inactivity Timeout
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Configure Spectrum WebApp Inactivity Timeout


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Can the WebApp be configured to timeout a session that has been inactive for a specific amount of time?

Can the OneClick WebApp be configured to timeout a session that has been inactive for a specific amount of time?

The OneClick Client Configuration page, in the OneClick administration web site shows the following setting.

OneClick Client Inactivity: This sets the time OneClick clients have of inactivity before log off will occur. When a client is logged off, they will be given the login prompt to resume their session. If this setting is set to 0, then no clients will check for inactivity.

It provides a configuration for: OneClick Client/WebClient Inactivity Timeout (minutes)

That is specific to the OneClick java client. It won't change the same setting for the WebApp.

How can the WebApp Inactivity Timeout value be customized for the OneClick WebApp?


All supported DX NetOps Spectrum releases


Internal policies require a timeout be set on web clients.


Out of the box, the WebApp will not timeout due to inactivity. To enable timeout due to inactivity complete the following steps.

  1. Log into the OneClick web server system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation
  2. Change to the the $SPECROOT/webtomcat/webswing directory.
  3. Make a backup of the webswing.config file.
    • For example use:
      • cp webswing.config webswing.config.orig<date>
    • If run on December 4th, 2023:
      • cp webswing.config webswing.config.orig-12_4_23
  4. Open the webswing.config file for editing.
  5. Find the the following section:

    "swingSessionTimeout" : 300,
    "timeoutIfInactive" : false,

  6. Change the swingSessionTimeout parameter to the number of seconds for timeout.
    • Default is 300 seconds (5 minutes).
  7. Change the timeoutIfInactive parameter from default false to true to enable it.
  8. Save the changes to the file.
  9. Restart the webtomcat web server services.

If a session is inactive for the timeout value configured, the session will automatically shutdown and log the user out.