Tailoring TICCMPL delivered in Gen 8.6 PTF LU01885
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Tailoring TICCMPL delivered in Gen 8.6 PTF LU01885


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How to tailor the COBOL compile CLIST TICCMPL for a COBOL version different  to 6.2


The new TICCMPL clist will also work for COBOL 6.3 and 6.4.

It is recommended to use OPT(2) but the OPT compiler option can be modified according to site preference.

The compiler options SIZE and STGOPT are removed from the TICCMPL clist in support of COBOL 6.2 based on the following details:  

  • In Enterprise COBOL V5.2 and later, the compiler option SIZE is no longer supported. The default value for the SIZE option is now SIZE(5000000). Therefore SIZE is removed.
  • In Enterprise COBOL V6.1 with the service PTFs and from V6.2, NOSTGOPT is changed so that no optimization of storage or data items occurs even with OPT(2). Therefore STGOPT is removed.

In Enterprise COBOL V6.2, the default for AFP is also changed from VOLATILE to NOVOLATILE. There is little difference between AFP(VOLATILE) and AFP(NOVOLATILE). The recommendation is to use the default (NOVOLATILE).