Filters not working - Modern UX - Staffing Plan workspace
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Filters not working - Modern UX - Staffing Plan workspace


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We notice that in version 16.1.2, the filters do not work in the following page:

Modern UX -> Staffing Plan -> Allocations Timeline.

Both 'Allocations By Resource' and 'Allocations By Investments' views are affected.


Version: 16.1.2.


It only appears that the filtering is not working, due to an intended change in this page, in version 16.1.2. Notice how after filtering, those rows that do not have a match cannot be expanded. These are 'Grouping Rows' that are intentionally still displayed in the page. A feature to hide empty 'Grouping Rows' is tentatively planned for version 16.1.3.

Additional Information

For more information on current functionality, reference online topic for 'Analyze Allocations by using Allocations Timeline' - Unallocated Resources and Investments in 16.1.2