Software package with detected type
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Software package with detected type


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Some SD Packages are of type "Detected" with magnify icon. They do not have source files and only "*Find SW" as procedure

How have been created these packages ?


Client Automation - All Versions


When a computer is moved from one DOMAIN to a new DOMAIN, a move operation is executed on new DOMAIN to retrieve the SD installed packages of the computer from old DOMAIN.
If a package is not present in Library on the new DOMAIN, the SD installed package appears with "* Find SW" procedure and an empty package with "Detected" type  is created in the Library
Example :
This Computer has been moved to a new DOMAIN. Some "Installed Packages" appear as Detected with "* Find SW" procedure :
It is because these packages are not present in Library on New DOMAIN.
A detected package is created but empty (without the source files)
Later if a detected package is imported in the new DOMAIN, following message is displayed :
The software TEST : 1.0 exists as a detected software. Do you want to replace this item with a real one ? [SDG001019]
And the package does not appear as detected anymore :