QRFM030E - Required information is missing
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QRFM030E - Required information is missing


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Compile/PRF for TSO


QRFM030E - Required information is missing

While generating a program for a PRF object,


Release : 20.0


QRFM030E issue.

Specify both the Query and Form datasets, 
the query or form will be exported into these datasets if they don't exist. 
QRF uses (needs) these datasets/members to generate the program.
It's not necessary to specify the Object type and name if the object was exported to 
these datasets/members already, but if it's specified, 
it will be exported to the specified datasets/members 

These need to be PDS datasets with the members specified

Query dataset...... 'XXXXXX.EXPORT(TESTQ)'
Form dataset....... 'XXXXXX.EXPORT(TESTF)'

(If the apostrophes are not specified, it will automatically use the userid as the high-level qualifier)