How to monitor k8s environment with CA APM 10.x
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How to monitor k8s environment with CA APM 10.x


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Trying to monitor k8s ver1.24, 1.26 with CA APM 10.x

When monitoring k8s, is it possible to install an agent on the OS and monitor it


Release : 10.7.x/10.8.x


We have UMA (Universal Monitoring agent) for 10.7+

User can download UMA yaml with 10.7 compatability

For UMA yaml based installation , user has to download the 10.7+ compatible yaml and provide the EM details for agentManager_url

For UMA helm chart, user has to add "agentManager.version: 10.7" , in values.yaml and can install UMA with the EM details provided as value for agentManager.url