Unselected Field appears in Rally User Story CSV Export
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Unselected Field appears in Rally User Story CSV Export


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


User has a saved view and filters that he applies to generate a group of User Stories that he then exports. This has been working normally but not a field that he has not selected ("Portfolio Item") is now showing up in the export. This field shows up in the middle of the report. He has attempted to remove/moving the field by adding the "Portfolio Item" field to the end of the view and resaving the view, and then went back in and removed the field and resaved the view but it keeps appearing. He has also attempted clearing his browser cache and logging out and back into Rally but the issue remains.


Release : SAAS


User stories can have a Portfolio Item as a parent or another story as a Parent.  We received many Support Cases with confusion over this.  It was decided to export Portfolio item when Parent is exported, that way the user got both fields in their export file and doesn't have to open a support case asking why Parent wasn't exported correctly.