Multi value lookup does not filter on Staffing
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Multi value lookup does not filter on Staffing


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Filtering on a custom MVL lookup defined on the Investment object, does not return any records on the Allocations Timeline in the Staffing module.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Add an static MVL lookup in Studio (i.e. custom_color)
Create some static values for the lookup:

2. Add an attribute on the Investment object.
Select the Data Type Multi Valued Lookup - String.
Select the previuos defined Lookup

Make sure to fill in the API attribute ID so that the attribute is available in Modern UX.

3. On the Modern UX, navigate to Projects Grid.
Add the MVL attribute to the list of columns.
Fill in some values in the MVL attribute for some of the projects.
Observe it is possible to filter by the MVL attribute on the Projects grid.

4. On the Staffing module, select Allocations Timeline
Allocations by Investment

5. Add a filter for the MVL attribute (common investment)

Expected Results: The Allocations By Investment view to display the Investment(records) matching the filter.
Actual Results: The Allocations By Investment does not display any records.



Release : 16.1.2


This has been reviewed by SE as DE70792


DE70792 will be addressed in 16.2.0.

Workaround: Define the MVL attribute and filter at the Project object level.