SMF retrieval fails from VTS during migration of ATL to VTS
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SMF retrieval fails from VTS during migration of ATL to VTS


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JARS SMF Director


Site has an ATL and recently migrated to a new IBM TS7770 VTS.
Activated the new VTS and jobs are now using VTS tapes while the ATL is still available for read. 
After activating the VTS, the EXTRACT is abending.

In the job log you can see the job tried to mount ATL tape V***** on ATL drive 55** and after some time it tried to mount VTS tape A***** on the same ATL drive 55**.    We believe that this has to do with some JCL parameter.  The job eventually timed out.



Release : 12.7


The problem is that EXTRACT will attempt to use the same tape unit during processing for all data sets in a way to save time in mounting the tapes.  However, since you have migrated to a new VTS, there are datasets on both the old VTS and new VTS, and you won't be able to mount the volumes with the new datasets on the old VTS (they are separate entities).  


Use the TAPEVOLCHG(RELEASE) operand on the EXTRACT which should resolve.  The default is NORELEASE, again for efficiency.

More information about the EXTRACT/PRINT control statements can be found at: