Unable to build an AdHoc view in UIM CABI, slow performance
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Unable to build an AdHoc view in UIM CABI, slow performance


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to build an AdHoc view using a Custom Time Frame option to create Aggregate CPU Utilization report for Windows servers for 3500 servers, 1 server only returned results.

If we select a UIM Metrics Topic and try to run a similar report for the past 12 hours, the AdHoc view build generally times out.

This used to work without any changes previously.



Release : 20.4
CABI version : 8.00


Insufficient UIM DB permissions.


The issue was a result of UIM database not being maintained properly (table partitioning, index maintenance, and data purge process). While these jobs are scheduled through the 'Data Engine' utility of the product, due to a lack of permissions to the UIM database, these jobs were failing and resulted in accumulation of QoS data (for more than three years) without partitioning.

    • The data_engine configuration tasks are detailed in the product documentation (techdocs).
    • In case any failure occurs during automatic table partitioning (due to lack of permissions or for any other technical reasons) the steps to repartition the QoS tables are published in a KB 257215.

- Once, manually partitioned the DB, we enabled the database maintenance from the Data_engine probe.
- then we tested the Cabi reports and confirmed running as expected.

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