Create ISV sub-capacity report using SCRT for Gen 8.6
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Create ISV sub-capacity report using SCRT for Gen 8.6


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Need to create an ISV sub-capacity report for Gen 8.6 using SCRT.
Please advise what is required.


Release : 8.6


The ISV SCRT report feature referenced on the Gen 8.6 page Gen™ 8.6 > Installing > Install Gen on z/OS > Preparing for Installation is part of the Broadcom "Common Components and Services for z/OS" product and its main documentation page is Generate ISV SCRT Reports for Broadcom Products.

To see the correct Gen product information in the SCRT reports, particularly for the Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect products, requires applying some PTF fixes from November 2020 PTFs that relate to LMP licensing. From a Support Portal Gen Solutions for z/OS page, if use the Search box and search on string LMP these 5 PTFs SO15044, SO15043, SO15046, SO15047, SO15445 are visible:

So so for each Gen 8.6 component that is installed, the relevant PTF must be applied.
However, if the Gen 8.6 installation has been installed using the latest 2111 PAX file then it would already have the fixes from those PTFs. See Gen™ 8.6 > Release Notes > New Features and section "Service Update Level 2111 for z/OS Availability"