Updating Domain Schema in Jaspersoft 8.1.1
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Updating Domain Schema in Jaspersoft 8.1.1


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With Jaspersoft 8.1.1 Update domain schema page - will no more be supported, alternate approach is documented in resolution section 


Release : 16.1.1 onwards with Jaspersoft 8.1.1 


Alternative approach for 'Update Domain Schema' Menu Link which was available in 7.8.1 and prior release 

When user tries to export and import a Report/ Dashboard from two different server below are steps to be followed:

        1. From Server A, Export the Report with 'Dependencies' and using Legacy Key
        2. Edit the Dependent Domain, and Export the Domain Design and Save the XML file
        3. In Server B, Navigate to Home →Manage → Organization → Import
        4. Choose the Exported file in Step 1 with Legacy Key
        5. Navigate to Domains and edit the Domain 
          • Edit Domain shows Server A DWH schema, which is broken. Click on Confirm and Delete Items.
        6. Click on 'Import Design' and select the XML saved in the Step 2 and upload
          • Upload Domain Design
        7. Now Click on Save Domain