Unable to contact host in NTP probe
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Unable to contact host in NTP probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


While working with DXIM Dev Team on a troubleshooting call for new version of NTP probe we were getting error unable to contact host for which dev team told us to enable Ping from server to ntp server so we are trying to get ping enabled but Client network team wants kb or written confirmation why ping should be enabled for this to work.



UIM : 20.4

ntp_reponse 1.43


Check the below point

== The ntp_reponse probe does not depends on the Ping feature so it should still be working even if the Ping feature is disabled on the NTP server.

==  it could be related to their network infrastructure only like firewall issues or network routing, etc.so please check  with the network and firewall team.