Optimizer/II Cumulative maintenance and FMID information R8.5.
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Optimizer/II Cumulative maintenance and FMID information R8.5.


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Kindly help with the Cumulative maintenance files for CA-Optimizer/II  of version V8.5.
Currently at SOURCEID: CAR2301 and Last PTF received  LU08212 .




Optimizer/II R8.5


Client has the latest PTF's for Optimizer/II Runtime option - FMID (CRX8500).

Additional Information

There are 4 FMIDs that are possible for Optimizer/II

COX8500 - Optimizer/II - Base (Full) product
CRX8500 - Optimizer/II - Runtime Component

When downloading Solutions these 2 are listed together.  You need to review the FMID within the solution to determine the correct component.

CRX8501 - Optimizer/11 for DB2.

CVH8500 - contains the symbolic common component provided with the 8.5.
Testing tool products (including InterTest Batch, InterTest for CICS, SymDump for CICS, SymDump Batch, and Optimizer/II) each distribute a copy of the CVHrr00 FMID, which contains the common symbolic component.