Error executing DIM saved search
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Error executing DIM saved search


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Information Centric Analytics


While attempting to load a DIM saved search based on an Analyzer view that includes an incident date dimension as a row, column, or filter, the following error message is displayed:

An error occurred trying to logdetail

The RiskFabric server log contains the following error:

[100:ERROR] DALException.SaveLog() Error: The incoming request has too many parameters. The server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters. Reduce the number of parameters and resend the request.

Alternatively, after creating an Analyzer view based on DIM Incident Count (Measure) and a date dimension containing more than 2,100 discrete values, an error is returned when attempting to view the result set through a drillthrough set. Similarly, when using this view in a Risk Model, the same error is returned when attempting to view associated incidents.


Release : 6.6

Component : SQL Server


SQL Server is hardcoded to parse up to 2,100 parameters per query. When executing a DIM saved search based on an Analyzer view that contains an array of values exceeding this threshold, the query fails.


This is addressed in ICA version 6.6 MP1 (

Additional Information

The following query can be used to identify all DIM saved searches based on incident date that exceed 2,100 parameters:

SELECT DIMIncidentSearchID,
FROM RiskFabric.dbo.DIMIncidentSearch
WHERE CAST(SearchXML AS Xml).exist('/Parameters/Parameter[@Name = "DIMIncidentDate"][count(./Selection) > 2000]') = 1 OR
CAST(SearchXML AS Xml).exist('/Parameters/Parameter[@Name = "DIMIncidentOccurredDate"][count(./Selection) > 2000]') = 1;