Errors DC016922 DC205008 DC205019 IOSTATUS=3011
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Errors DC016922 DC205008 DC205019 IOSTATUS=3011


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IDMS IDMS - Database


IDMS CV getting the following errors:

DC016922 <cvname>,<cvname>,BAAA,D,<ddname> ,85- OP,INV TRK FORMAT ,00000057000001,EXCP 
DC016922 WRITE    ERR=034 DDN=<ddname>  DECCC2=0800      RBN=00000000                  
DC205008 Vnn T1 WRITE ERROR on File <>.<>                             
DC205008 Vnn T1 CURRBN=00000000 CURBMA=2388FF24 CURFCB=22A1AF48 FDBK=00000000         
DC205019 Vnn T1 IOSTATUS=3011 VERB=017 ERRSW=048 MOD=033 IOP=2EE7E488                 
DC200007 Vnn T1 3011 Error Accessing Area - Not Available. <>.<>  


Release : 19.0


The IOSTATUS 3011 means:

An attempt to write to the database or disk journal file has failed. Typically, this error occurs as a result of one of the following:

  • A physical I/O error
  • An attempt to write a relative block number (RBN) that is outside the specified RBN range
  • A failed attempt to initialize the file
  • With VSAM, insufficient space in the storage pool (IDMC-DC/UCF) or partition (local mode) for required VSAM control blocks


In this case the problem was the file has the wrong block size.  
LRECL is 13680
BLKSIZE is 27360

The LRECL and BLKSIZE should be the same.

The procedure used  to restore the file:

  1. DCMT V AREA <>.<>   OFF
  2. DCMT V FILE <>.<> DE
  3. Delete and reallocate the file with the same LRECL and BLKSIZE.
  4. Restore the file from a backup or in his case from another CV with the same file.
  5. Restarted CV