SCM 14.0.2 Silent Client and Agent installation
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SCM 14.0.2 Silent Client and Agent installation


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Is there an automated way to silently uninstall the previous versions of SCM and install the 14.0 and 14.0.2 versions of the SCM Full Client and Agent components?


Release : 14.0


This suggested procedure is offered as-is as an example of how this might be done.  Broadcom cannot offer any customizations or support for the attached script.

Create a folder structure containing the installation files for all desired components, like this:

Copy the attached upgrade-script_bat.txt file into the structure and rename the file to upgrade-script.bat

Open a command prompt window in "Run as administrator" mode, navigate to the folder where the file structure was created and execute upgrade-script.bat

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