CloudSOC Importer submits too many API requests
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CloudSOC Importer submits too many API requests


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The CloudSOC importer job fails and logs error code 99 in the SQL Server Agent history. The importer log shows HTTP Status Code 429 instead ('Too many requests'):

2023-06-22 08:02:37,404 JsonImporter.exe [1:INFO] ApiClient.GetResponse() Calling<tenant-name>/audit/v2/usernames/
2023-06-22 08:02:37,467 JsonImporter.exe [1:ERROR] ApiClient.GetResponse() Http Status Code was 429. Response saved to E:\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Database Utilities\JsonImporter_1.3.1.0_signed\Error_AuditUsernames_20230622080237_wfkymw5s.dc5.json.
2023-06-22 08:02:37,467 JsonImporter.exe [1:ERROR] ApiClient.GetResponse() received 429 Could not retrieve data. Status code 429.
System.Exception: Could not retrieve data. Status code 429.
   at JsonImporterUtils.ApiClient.GetResponse(Endpoint endpoint, IRequest request, Func`4 fParseAction)

The response file referenced in the error only contains the string 'Too many requests'.


Release :

Component : CloudSOC Importer


The CloudSOC importer is failing due to CloudSOC's API polling rate limit. From the CloudSOC API guide:

429 Too many requests The CASB Audit API is unable to service the client until a reasonable amount of time has elapsed. We expect the default wait time to be approximately 1 minute. The Retry-After response header displays the remaining wait time in seconds.

NOTE: Link last validated July 6, 2023


The CloudSOC Importer will be updated in a future release to dynamically throttle its polling rate in response to the CloudSOC API's rate limits. For assistance with this issue, contact Broadcom Support.