PAM CLI addPasswordViewPolicy and updatePasswordViewPolicy inconsistencies
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PAM CLI addPasswordViewPolicy and updatePasswordViewPolicy inconsistencies


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


In general remote CLI command arguments use attribute names that match the name of attributes returned by a "search" or "list" command, or returned upon successful completion of the "add" or "update" command. But the following parameters that are found in the output (command result) XML structure are not working with the addPasswordViewPolicy and updatePasswordViewPolicy commands:





Release : Applies to all PAM releases as of July 2023


The name of the input parameter for the "dualAuthorizationRequired" attribute is "dualAuthorization". For the other two parameters the input parameter matches the name, but starts with a capital letter. Attribute names for the remote CLI are case sensitive. All three parameters were documented correctly on documentation page addPasswordViewPolicy, but page updatePasswordViewPolicy did have the wrong case for the last two parameters. Both pages also were missing parameters added in recent releases.


As of July 5, 2023, all problems found in the addPasswordViewPolicy and updatePasswordViewPolicy pages have been fixed. Use these documentation pages while working on the creation or update of password view policies using the remote CLI. In general use the documentation pages for remote CLI commands under page Credential Manager CLI Commands. If you find a problem on one of the pages, please open a case with PAM Support to get it fixed.

Although it is desirable to have consistency between input parameter names and returned parameter names, these differences in attribute names have been in the product for some time now, and there is reluctance to make changes that would cause problems with automation tools developed and used by customers.