Certifying ENTERPRISE COBOL 6.4 for EZT 6.4 Japanese
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Certifying ENTERPRISE COBOL 6.4 for EZT 6.4 Japanese


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Easytrieve Report Generator


Executing Easytrieve 6.4 for the Japanese Market, are there any issues with Easytrieve 6.4 and Enterprise Cobol 6.4?

Will this be certified?  Does CBLCNVRT work with Cobol 6.4?


Easytrieve Plus Report Generator, release 6.4, Japanese version


Easytrieve release 6.4 for the Japanese version has been certified and no problems when calling COBOL 6.4 subroutines.

Easytrieve release 6.4 Japanese version delivers both CBLCNVRD and CBLCNVRT in our CBAAMAC library. 

CBLCNVRD documents which parameters corresponding to which release of COBOL is supported:
%CBLCNVRT infile (NUMDEF number) (QUOTE option) (SYSTEM {OS|DOS}) +
(COBOL {VS|II|II12|II13|I122|I212|I341}) (WANTSC {NO|YES}) +
(UID identifier) 

Because this CBLCNVRT utility is not going to be supported with COBOL 6.x, there is not a similar parameter to I341 (COBOL 3.4.1) for COBOL 6.x. 
Therefore, CBLCNVRT will work PRIOR to release 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 of COBOL. There simply is not going to be a parameter for COBOL 6.4.  Therefore, if CBLCNVRT with COBOL parameter prior to release 6.x is used, that could still work fine. Just it will not create an EZT copybook with any COBOL 6.x functionality.