Issue while uploading RR pair using V3 API
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Issue while uploading RR pair using V3 API


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Service Virtualization


Not able to upload RR Pair to an existing VS with API V3. Getting below errors on VS's

. "message": "Unable to add RRPairs:{\"error\":\"Timeout (60,000 ms, actual wait 60,000 ms) on server object tcp://<IP_ADDRESS>:2013/vsBuilder on method addBuilderSession\"}",

."error": {
    "type": "NestedServletException",
    "message": "Handler dispatch failed; nested exception is java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"


Release : 10.x


Huge VSI file cause the OOM/Timeout issues and unable to update the VS.


If seeing the timeout issue, increasing the timeout value to a higher value should help with the issue.

Increase the timeout settings by adding/updating the property value in file. Default value is 60000ms. Increase this to 120000 and restart Registry and VSE services.

If seeing the Out Of Memory issue then do the below changes:

1. Increase the memory for Registry and VSE.

2. Edit the file
3. Add the following properties (If these props already exist, then edit the values, otherwise simply add them)
    - activemq.maxMem.mb=512
    - lisa.pathfinder.on=false
 4. Restart DevTest Services.

NOTE: If a VTS file related to VS is in Data folder and if it is increasing in the size when updating the VS, please delete it.