Move massively Collect Tasks from one Engine to another
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Move massively Collect Tasks from one Engine to another


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


We have an article that explains how to do this movement using the command line:

Move a Collect Task from one Engine to another using command line

This requires to be done directly on each Scalability Server (or send it remotely using SD), but in case it's required to be done from Domain Manager side only, this article presents a suggestion.


Client Automation - 14.x


In order to do this, the following option is presented:

1.- Create one Config Policy for each Engine that will receive the Collect Tasks:

each having the following:

2.- Create a query to group up Scalability Servers based on a specific logic (this will depend on each environment):

3.- With these queries, create few dynamic groups:

4.- When the Scalability Servers are moved to each group, the policy will be applied to them and each Engine will start to receive the corresponding Collect Tasks: