License load on ISG Proxy not working
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License load on ISG Proxy not working


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ISG Proxy


License load on ISG Proxy not working.


Before installing your license, ensure you have your license ID available. 

In most cases, the problem might be the license_id you are using. On ISG Proxy, the SSP is not a licensed product and only the applications it runs require licenses. 

You have to load the license only for the Applications that runs on ISG not for the ISG/SSP itself.

Connect to the ISG via SSH.

Access the CLI and enter enable mode.
Install the license:

# licensing load id license_id username username password password

Loads the license from the backend of the ISG, where:
<license_id>  is the license ID or serial number of the application
<username> is your myBroadcom username
<password> is your myBroadcom password

Note: You may have ISG Proxy or ISG Content Analysis applications. You can use the S.No. of ISG Proxy or ISG Content Analysis for the license_id.

If the license is loaded successfully, the CLI displays the message License update was successful for license id license_id.

If you are still having issues, here is the KB for a manual way of downloading and loading the license.