How to Clean up DMS and ActiveMQ?
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How to Clean up DMS and ActiveMQ?


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


How to clean up DMS/DH ?


Release : 14.1


In case of problems with DMS/DH here a procedure to clean, also sometimes message queue becomes very huge (kahadb) 


Here is a procedure to clean up DMS/DH 
1. Unsubscribe: sepmd -u DMS__ "Topic: ac_server_to_server_broadcast (DH)"
2. Unsubcriber the message queue from DMS__ first. 
3. Please purge all the message in message queue. 
4. Please remove DH__.status in all DS. 
5. Please remove DMS__ status and updates.dat and all subscribers files. 
6. Please double check no pending message in message queue. 
7. Start up DMS__, 
8. check if updates.dat is growing fast. 
9. Ideally, we want updates.dat to be zero byte. 
10. Add the message queue back to DMS__'s subscriber's list. 
> sepmd -smq DMS__ -predefined ServerToServerBroadcast -destination DH
11. Message is sending to the subscriber's message queue.
To clean up kahadb:
this folder
mv kahadb to kahadb.bk
and then restart activemqd
it should create a new folder kahadb