DNS System Health Services Fail in Security Analytics
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DNS System Health Services Fail in Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


DNS configuration is required as multiple external services and providers can only be reached using a fully qualified hostname.



The DNS server should be verified as correct for your network and the server should be internal.


When configuring the DNS server, the application will attempt to reach the DNS server.  If it is unable to reach a server, you may see one of the following:

  • at the top of the screen "Network configuration", you may see "DNS servers are taking too long to respond. System performance will be affected until the DNS servers are reachable. Do you still want to save the DNS settings? Yes, save the DNS settings."
  • "env[11734]: [DefaultDNSProvider] Error in DNS request: -2" can be found in /var/log/messages
  • httpd[85930]: CakePHP Error: Possible DNS rebinding; unknown host value detected.

Review the DNS server set in Settings -> Network under the Domain Name Servers section and make sure they are correct and reachable. This can be verified by reviewing the DNS server for other systems in the same network.