zOSMF toolkit debugging options
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zOSMF toolkit debugging options


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


What needs to be checked to determine the cause of the issues related to the z/OSMF Software Toolkit?  


Release : 17.0


JWT token wasn't enabled on z/OSMF. 


The logs of the toolkit are stored in the browser and to access them developer tools needs to be checked under Network section, see the screenshot below


401 - There might be something wrong with JWT definition on zOSMF side or SYSVAPPs application.yml.          

This can be caused by not enabling JWT token feature on z/OSMF server, or it can be caused by SYSVIEW not trusting z/OSMF certificate. This can be fixed with truststore. For more information, see the Authenticate Using z/OSMF JSON Web Tokens section in the Configure and Deploy the SYSVIEW Application Server (SYSVAPPS) page.

403 - CORS error - Failed to fetch.

Into application.yml that is uploaded with SYSVIEW REST API jar file, enable CORS.
The same error might happen if trusted host is not defined in application.yml, or if the entire z/OSMF part is commented out or missing in application.yml.
Another possible reason for the CORS exception might be the fact that z/OSMF UI uses default port 443, the browser will omit it and as a result same CORS expectation might appear. To fix it the SYSVAPPS application.yml should point to z/OSMF URL without default port 443. 

Additional Information

In addition, access to the following two resources needs to be defined fac.bpx.server and fac.bpx.daemon. Notes from the documentation.