Hotfix for cumulative CCS fixes - incorrect instructions
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Hotfix for cumulative CCS fixes - incorrect instructions


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CA Identity Manager


We have received HF (  notification for CCS crash.

But in deployment instructions, it is mentioned as Provisioning Server/bin 

How to Deploy

1.        Stop C++ Server

2.        Take backup of “E2K7PS.dll, W2KNamespace.dll” from “\Identity Manager\Provisioning Server\bin”.

3.        Copy the provided “E2K7PS.dll, W2KNamespace.dll” to “\Identity Manager\Provisioning Server\bin”.

4.        Start C++ Server


We do have Provisioning server in Linux system (VApp) and Connector server on windows.

Please clarify if location would be <ConnectorServer>/ccs/bin or not?

Note: We have 14.4.2 VApp in PROD



Release : 14.4


We've confirmed that the hotfix's instructions contained typos. The ..\ccs\bin directory is the correct location. The instructions have been corrected and republished.