Users cannot see published Dashboards in OC > Dashboard > Dashboard Designer
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Users cannot see published Dashboards in OC > Dashboard > Dashboard Designer


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When logging into OC with regular UIM users or Account/Contact users we can't see dashboards in OC > Dashboard > Dashboard Designer even if the dashboards are published as 'public' or published to the appropriate account.
The list of dashboards is just empty. If I log in as an administrator I can see the whole list of dashboards.


Release : UIM 20.4 CU4 and later 


The user requires "Dashboard Designer" ACL to see the dahsboards. For example, If the user that logs into OC (UIM user created in IM, or Account Contact created in Account Admin) has the predefined "Operator" ACL the issue will occur as The Operator ACL does not have enough permissions to display the dashboard by default. 


Starting from CA UIM 20.4 CU4, we introduced the ability to view Published Dashboards created with the Dashboard Designer in the OC > Dashboars > Dashboard Designer tab

More info documented here:  Dashboards ( and What's New in DX UIM 20.4 CU4 (


As of June 2023 (current version UIM 20.4 CU7):

To be able to display the Dashboards (that are 'public' or published to the account a particular user belongs to) the following ACL Permission is required:


"Dashboard Designer" - (SDP - Admin)




1. Log in to OC with the Administrator Account

2. Go to Settings > Account Admin

3. Edit the ACL and add the "Dashboard Designer" ACL as shown above. 





Additional Information

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