Use Business Rules to Make Attributes Mandatory
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Use Business Rules to Make Attributes Mandatory


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How can you make OOTB Fields / Attributes Mandatory or Required Fields




Follow these steps:

1) Log into Clarity.
2) Click Administration and select Blueprints.
3) Select the relevant blueprint to open it and click Edit.
4) Navigate to the Rules tab and select New Rule.
5) In the New Rule window, enter the name and description of the rule.
6) In the Conditions section, use the drop-down list to specify the condition that would trigger the rule.
7) Use the Match All or Match Any option to finalize the condition.
8) In the Actions section, select Required Attributes.
9) Add Attributes from the list that needs to be made required/mandatory.
10) Click Create. If the rule syntax is correct the rule will be enabled after you click Create.
11) In the Rules tab, ensure that the rule is enabled so that it’s applied to all the investments associated with the blueprint.
12) Click Publish to update the changes to the blueprint.