Wrong System Serial Number on Linux Agent
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Wrong System Serial Number on Linux Agent


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For some Linux machines, the System Serial Number reported in Client Automation is incorrect.
dmidecode -s system-serial-number
returns the correct value but the value inventoried in Client Automation is different and wrong.


Client Automation 14.5.
Linux Agent 64 Bits


This problem occurs if the Linux machine has a SMBIOS version 3.x
Following command could show the SMBIOS version :
dmidecode | grep '^SMBIOS'
Example :
SMBIOS 2.4 present.


If Linux machine has a SMBIOS version 3.x, then open a case at CA Broadcom technical support and ask for the fix T55V232
This fix is for Linux Agent 14.5 (64 Bits).
It replaces the files amhwinvux, cfbasichwux and libcainf.so

Additional Information

With fix T55V232, if the SMBIOS version 3.x is detected, dmidecode command is used to retrieved SMBIOS information like System Serial Number.