AppNeta On-Prem (vPCA) - Single Sign On
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AppNeta On-Prem (vPCA) - Single Sign On


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AppNeta On-Prem with PingOne - On-Prem version of AppNeta with an PingOne SAML SP.


At this time AppNeta On-Prem (vPCA) Supports SSO (SAML) via PingOne and requires an outbound internet connection to PingOne from the On-Prem Deployment on TCP Port 443.

The following diagram shows SAML SSO with AppNeta On-Prem, PingOne SAML SP, and on-premise IdP:


SSO with AppNeta On-Prem supports the same level of customization as our Public Cloud.  It also includes an additional AddOn Role for further configuration and management of the vPCA Deployment such as Hostname, DNS, etc.


If you are interested in setting up Single Sign-On with AppNeta On-Prem, please submit a new case with Support.

Additional Information

More information can be found at the following TechDocs pages.

SSO Setup:

Available Use Roles: