icmp probe deployment prerequisites
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icmp probe deployment prerequisites


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


Why are nas & alarm enrichment listed as pre-reqs for the icmp probe? If they are truly prerequisites then why aren't they deployed automatically?


  • Release: 20.4


Summary of icmp probe requirements (current update) - to be updated in the Help documentation (techdocs).

  1. DX UIM Server 20.3 or later
  2. Robot 9.33 or later
  3. java_jre 2.00 or later (bundled with JRE 8). Download the latest java_jre on web archive (Recommended)
  4. Discovery_server (on Primary Hub) and discovery_agent (on Primary Hub, optional for Secondary Hubs) for retrieving the discovery scopes through callbacks. This is required in case of bulk discovery only.
  5. ppm version 3.0 or later on each hub with a robot with the icmp probe.

Detailed responses/comments are listed below based on what is listed in the current techdocs.

Software Requirements

- Unified Infrastructure Management 8.1 or later (on the primary hub)

- Robot 7.62 or later (recommended)

- Java JRE version 6 or later

- discovery_server (on the primary hub)
***discovery_server is usually on the primary hub in most cases...

- discovery_agent (on the primary hub)
***discovery_agent is always on the primary hub

- alarm_enrichment and nas versions 4.6 or later (on each hub with a robot with the icmp probe)
***There is no need to have nas and AE on each hub with a robot with the icmp probe.

- prediction_engine version 1.0 or later (on each hub with a robot with the icmp probe)
***baseline_engine and the prediction are normally already present on the Primary hub but they are not automatically deployed and they are not required unless youre interested in using Time To Threshold or Time Over Threshold functionality.

- ppm version 3.0 or later (running on each hub with a robot with the icmp probe)
***Required when configuring icmp via the Admin Console as ppm allows the end user to open the probe configuration screens.

- Operator Console (OC)
***The OC portal is usually installed and used in UIM environments.
***'UMP' is no longer used/supported due to End of Sale (flash remediation).

Installation Prerequisites

The icmp probe requires the following prerequisites before installation.

1. On Linux/Unix systems the /etc/hosts file should contain an entry with the FQDN for the installation system.

2. Determine the path to the primary hub. For more information, see Discover Systems to Monitor.

3. Obtain the following information to configure the probe using the discovery server:
     - ***discovery_server, e.g., Enter the discovery_server NimBUS addressss (/domain/hub/robot/discovery_server),

     - ***discovery scope(s), e.g., IP address(es) or range, e.g., Enter a single IPv4 IP: ##.##.##.###, a single IPv6 IP: <IPV6_IP>, a range: ###.##.192.0-100, or a mask: IP ranges such as a.b.c.d-e.f.g.h or hex a1.3b.ca.33-ff are not accepted. In the case of IPv6 addresses, only a single IP is accepted.

     - ***discovery_agent NimBUS address, e.g., Enter the agent address (/domain/hub/robot/discovery_agent), robot of the agent, or ip of the robot with the agent.

     - ***discovery origins for the QOS data    
icmp technical documentation: