VIP Authentication Hub- Prometheus Adapter deployment in October release
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VIP Authentication Hub- Prometheus Adapter deployment in October release


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VIP Authentication Hub


The question is regarding the Prometheus adapter (not the Prometheus operator for monitoring)

In the upgrade instructions for the October releases there is a step to upgrade to the latest version of the Prometheus adapter.

However, the deployment instructions of the October release does not include any step to deploy the adapter. Only the  instructions for the Jun releases have this step.

Since we deployed directly the October release we did not deploy the adapter.

Should the adapter still be deployed or is it not recommended anymore? 

The validation steps for the adapter are still in the latest version of the documentation: 



Release : Chart Version - 1.0.3211


Prometheus Adapter” is a component used to collect certain k8s level stats from the cluster and has nothing to do with operating Prometheus. Its deployed globally per cluster. We would use those stats in SSP’s HPA yaml to scale pods based on request latency, say exceeding 2 secs. With SSP capacity calculated via sizing calculator so we know the max, we don’t really need to do that, hence do not require “Prometheus Adapter” to exist in the cluster. A deployment can have it and therefore use in HPA if that is the scale out design, but by default its not used anymore hence not required and removed from pre-reqs.“Prometheus Operator” is part of Prometheus itself required to operate Prometheus.