Gen Linux CSE Increment subset fails with - XWKSTINC (28362)
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Gen Linux CSE Increment subset fails with - XWKSTINC (28362)


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Tried to use "Increment Subset" feature from the Toolset to add a Procedure step to the subset from the Gen 8.6 CSE on Linux and receive error:

XWKSTINC (28362): An undefined error occurred during import file creation.  This error will cause the model to be marked read only, which will prevent it from being saved. To recover from this error, you must use the Encyclopedia Client to override the checkout. Then you must check it out again. 


Release : 8.63


The user determined the problem was a directory permissions issue.   Noting, the CSE Client’s “user” folders inside the cse/bin folder in Linux had the permissions changed to remove “write” access.  This meant that the process of pre-deleting the verify.trn file was failing in both instances.  By granting “write” access to the user folder (chmod +w <dir name>) the problem was resolved.

Regarding the 'user' directory, for the Unix/Linux CSEs when the cse admin performs a manual iefmd startup, whatever directory the cse admin is located in when starting the  iefmd will be used to attempt to create the 'user' directories, in this case the user started from .../cse/bin.  

Possibly root cause for the permissions issue:  The install of a version of the Linux CSE is installed over another version of the Linux CSE, without uninstalling first. 

General steps taken to get this result: 

1.  Install a version of the Linux CSE and start the iefmd from the IEFCSGEN (cse/bin) directory.

2 . Perform a Generate New Model which was successful and the 'default' user directory ENCYADMN is created in cse/bin with permissions "drwxrwxr-x".

3.  Stop the iefmd.

4.  Install another version of the Linux CSE into the same directory location /opt/Gen/cse.

5.  Observe that the directory cse/bin/ENCYADMN now has permissions "dr-xr-xr-x".

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