Role Allocation is not properly displaying capacity - shows as --
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Role Allocation is not properly displaying capacity - shows as --


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SUMMARY: In Allocations Timeline Resources by Role (bottom section) Roles are showing as -- for availability but their totals are showing a value.



1. In MUX Resources make sure your roles have a Primary Role

2. In MUX Allocations Timeline bottom section choose Resources by Role

3. Filter for Is Role = Yes
   - You can filter for a specific role as well
4. On the top portion of Allocations Timeline set that for Allocations by Resource and filter for Roles (or the same role as well) for comparison purposes.   

5. On bottom portion expand the Role so you can see the details

6. View the per-period metrics (demand/availability)



Release : 16.1.0


Reported as DE70579


DE70579 was reviewed by engineering and product management.  It turns out the page is working as designed for now.

The assumption of behavior  presented here  is incorrect. The expected behavior is for the GROUPING ROW in the Resources by Role layout is to NOT include the amounts from any 'role' type of resource.  

The  expectations were misled because the total amount in the grouping row is including the amounts from a 'role' resource.

The plan is to correct the amounts in the GROUPING ROW in the 'Resources by Role' layout, NOT for the child detail rows for a 'role' resource. 

So, the page may be causing incorrect assumptions, but there will be updates in future releases to change this.