harweb.HServlet.getHDB(): Can't get hDB from pool with SQL Server 2019
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harweb.HServlet.getHDB(): Can't get hDB from pool with SQL Server 2019


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


The following error occurs when trying to open Harweb:

SCM 14.0.2 (Server + Client) has been installed.
It's a system with MS Windows 2019 and MS SQL Server 2019. 



Release : 14.0 and up


I found information about this error on the Microsoft website:

"The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted" error after upgrading SNAC applications

These errors occur if both the following conditions are true:

  • The Force encryption setting for the SQL Server instance is set to No.
  • The client connection string doesn't explicitly specify a value for encryption property, or the Encryption option wasn't explicitly set or updated in the DSN.

The error occurs because of a change in the default behavior of the client drivers. Older versions of client drivers are designed to assume that data encryption is OFF by default. The new drivers assume this setting to be ON by default. Because data encryption is set to ON, the driver tries to validate the server's certificate and fails.


Recommend to add the "trustServerCertificate=true;" option to the JDBCConnectionURL in the harweb.cfg file.

Like this:


Then restart Tomcat and try it again.