Web Service method "Impersonate" returns error code 1
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Web Service method "Impersonate" returns error code 1


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When executed Impersonate Web Service method, the error code 1 is returned. 
Is this correct usage of the Impersonate method? Is there any setting I need to set up to use it?


Release : 17.3


I got the information from our Engineering team that the reported behavior is expected one. Please refer to the following details of the information.

The impersonate web service call can only be used in combination with loginServiceManaged (PKI based authentication scheme). Please refer to the following document for more information.

Contact Management Methods > impersonate

You can use the sample loginServiceManged based on Java from the $NX_ROOT\samples\sdk\websvc\java\test1_pki to generate the SID and then use it in impersonate call to impersonate.

Please note that the USDWSUtil.java needs to be modified so that the lines below are commented out and SID remains valid to be used in impersonate.

        String isSuccessful = usd.logout(endpoint, sid);

Without commenting, the SID becomes invalid as there is a logout call.