Trying to DEACTIVATE CA1, but it won't come down
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Trying to DEACTIVATE CA1, but it won't come down


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


I'm having problems shutting down CA1.  How can I get it to shut down? 


The system and CA1 are set up to use automated operations which is preventing an operator initiated shutdown of CA1.  Various changes are needed to allow CA1 to be manually deactivated.


To override the system automation involving CA1, the following changes are needed to allow the operator the ability to interact with CA1 to manually force deactivation of CA1: 

1) The system automation (as related to CA1 messages) needs to be temporarily deactivated

2) The 'PARM=NODATE' parameter needs to be removed from the TMSINIT proc so that the IEFTMS0 message can be issued and responded to by the operator.

3) If the TMOOPTxx SECWTO parameter is set to 'YES', then the operator issuing commands to deactivate CA1 must have security permission to the DEACT resource.  Also, if TMSINIT is run as a batch job, then the security authorization of the job is used to determine access.

4) When TMSINIT is re-run, and if SECWTO is set to 'YES', the operator needs to respond to the IEFTMS32 message with the USERID authorized to run TMSINIT, and then respond to the IEFTMS22 message with the password associated with the authorized userid.  The operator will also need to respond to the IEFTMS0 message with the SHUTDWN parameter value found in the actively used TMOOPTxx parmlib member (this response applies regardless of the setting of the SECWTO parameter).

5) After CA1 deactivation, restore any prior settings which were changed (such as for the TMSINIT PROC).  


Some notes (see the 'Additional Information' section below for doc links which contain additional notes and details):

1) If hlq.CTAPOPTN is not present or the TMC or Audit data sets have been corrupted and TMSINIT cannot be initialized, CA 1 must be deactivated to correct the error.  In this case, CA 1 can be deactivated by specifying TMSPARM DD DUMMY or by omitting TMSPARM DD from the TMSINIT JCL.

2) To deactivate CA 1 without an IPL, you might need to deactivate two of the CA 1 health checks to prevent abends if the health checks are running simultaneously with your deactivation of CA 1.  Use the following commands:


After restarting CA 1, reactivate the two health checks with the following commands:


Additional Information

Some additional information for the relevant CA1 features can be found here: 


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