custom metrics via NSA display incorrectly in the OC Metric Viewer
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custom metrics via NSA display incorrectly in the OC Metric Viewer


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We use a LUA script that creates custom alarms and custom metrics correctly and they are correctly stored in the DB. 

The issue is in the OC metric view, the metrics are not presented as they should because different qos targets are displayed all under the same source like if target and source were inverted.

The expectation would be that every source would list separate targets. 


Release :UIM 20.3, 20.4

NSA Version 20.50


With the current NSA 20.50 versions qos metrics are created all with the same ci_metric_id, meaning that when you try to add qos metrics in the OC metric view you won't see all different qos targets.



A patched version of NSA build 20.50-snapshot (build 190) fixes this issue. 

After using this NSA Version the target and sources are displayed correctly as different ci_metric_id's are stored in the DB: 


Attached to this KB is the NSA build 20.50-snapshot (build 190) version that solves this issue. 

Additional Information

Currently, the GA NSA build is still 20.50 and the upcoming release "NSA 20.60" will include this fix. 

As of June 2023, The Tentative ETA for releasing "NSA 20.60" is end of July 2023.

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