View - Query related to RMOGAM load module Location
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View - Query related to RMOGAM load module Location


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We have CA View v14 installed on a test system, which is working fine.

The CVDELOAD dataset exists, but when a load library containing older modules is present in the linklist, the View online panels do not work and generate error:

  CSV003I Requested Module EE0DBP not found' (Abend 806-04)

When we removed the older "CAILIB" from the linklist, The View online panels work fine, however jobs from our other products fail.

As a workaround to make both View and the other products work, we put back the CAILIB to the linklist.

Now in our development system, module RMOGAM is present from a Deliver install, however Deliver is not installed on the test system. 

Do we need to install Deliver also in our test system?


Release : 14.0


The initialization code for View programs SARSTC, SARBCH, and SAROLR does conditional module loads.                                                                  

The loads of modules ESFOPEN, ESFWRITE, ESFCLOSE and RMOGAM are done, for those programs. 

If the module is available, it will be loaded.  If not available, the module is not loaded. 


In this instance, the level of the first available RMOGAM module came from a back-levelled library that appeared earlier in the linklist. 

The overall resolution would be to not make the back-levelled module available. 

If all that is needed is the RMOGAM module, and a current RMOGAM module is available, rather than doing an install of Deliver where Deliver would not in itself be used, an alternative would be to copy the module and transfer the module copy to the new system.