Questions on SYSVIEW LU10111 / LU10267
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Questions on SYSVIEW LU10111 / LU10267


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


LU10267 / LU10111 SYSVIEW High Alerts

Question on these 2 Hiper alerts - 

I see this circumvention:

In SYSVIEW 17.0, temporarily disable the MQCHAN and MQCHSTAT commands using security or the CMDATTR parmlib member.

1.  Are the statements to use to disable the CMDATTR parmlib member like the following ?

     CommandAttribute       MQCHAN:DISABLED

     CommandAttribute       MQCHSTAT:DISABLED 

2.  Is disabling the two commands all that is needed to prevent for SYSVIEW R170? 

3.  Can the error condition occur during startup of SYSVIEW,  when the MQSSTATE, MQSTHRSH parmlib members are being implemented with the related MQCS Channel DEFINE statements 


R16 and R17


1. A - YES those statements are the correct format to use.

2. A - For R17.0 the circumvention is to disable the two commands until you are able to apply the fix.  

3. A - The causing problem occurred when SYSVIEW was gathering MQ channel data from the MQ channel initiator address space and was a timing issue.   It would not necessarily occur upon startup of the SYSVIEW address space.