User not able to edit APM Universe
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User not able to edit APM Universe


Article ID: 268585


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We have provided Edit and Manage access of an APM universe to a user still the universe Metric Sources are greyed out.

And the user is not able to make any changes in the universe. The user is having power user access but we have exclusively provided Edit access to him to a universe (tested with Manage access as well)



Release: SAAS


  • Grant a User (with PowerUser role) Edit/Manage Universe access doesn’t see to work as expected.
  • For this granted user, in Universe configuration, everything under METRIC SOURCES/MAP COMPONENT/MANAGEMENT MODULES are greyed out. Only ACCESS part is editable.
  • Seems only User with Tenant Admin role can fully modify a Universe configuration.