ASMA017W error during assembly of optional features table ENCOPTBL
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ASMA017W error during assembly of optional features table ENCOPTBL


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Trying to enable CD19002_QE_CCOLS option in ENCOPTBL. The assembly of ENHOPT CD19002_QE_CCOLS  macro fails with error message from the assembler:

ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter; default to positional, including keyword

In general, this might happen with any option named CDxxxx_xxx which introduces new Endevor features under the Continuous Delivery model 


Release : 19.0


Continuous delivery features are delivered in the form of fixes. In the case of Endevor, the fix replaces whatever elements that could be required and also adds support for the new feature to ENHOPT and ENHOPTNS macros, which are used to generate the optional features table 


For the case of CD19002_QE_CCOLS, ensure that fix LU09037 is applied and that SYSLIB DD in the assembly points to a CSIQOPTN library containing the fix in macros ENHOPT and ENHOPTNS.

The same applies for any CDxxxx optional feature. The fix to check is the fix that installs the feature

To check that the CSIQOPTN library used in the assembler SYSLIB DD contains the updated macros, scan the library for string CD19002 (or CDxxxxx) for any other continuous delivery feature). The string should show up in members ENHOPT and ENHOPTNS

ISPF provides the "search for" utility which may be used to scan a library. The utility may be invoked via the ISPF menus (normally using option 3 - Utilities and 13 - "Search-For". However, the quickest way to invoke it is to issue command  "SRCHFOR string"  from the command line at the member list panel.